4th Album


Purlieu Recordings (PEU009)

Limited Edition Cassette C45 €10

Digital Album €5

❑ Music and production: Jobanshi

❑ Cover art and design: Linn Schrab

❑ Featured on BADD PRESS

3rd Album


Bedlam Tapes (BEDLAM_31)

Limited Edition Cassette $10 SOLD

Digital Album name your price

Deluxe Edition Digital Album $5

❑ Mastered: Ghostlight

❑ Cover art: Wou-Wou & The Wormling

❑ Featured on TinyMixTapes

2nd Album

The World

Easy + Nice Label

CDR ¥1,000

Digital Album ¥700

❑ Composed, Arranged and Mixed: Jobanshi 

audio commentary by the label owner

1st Album

Stalker in my bedroom

stuk Label (STKC004)

Limited Edition Cassette ¥1,000

Digital Album ¥500

❑ Composed, Arranged and Mixed: Jobanshi 

❑ Mastered: NOGAWA kazune

❑ Photo: Osamu Sakamoto

Compilation Album

Glitch Dreams [Layer 2]

Future Disorder

Digital Album name your price

❑ Artwork: SDRN

❑ Design: ytatsl

Compilation Album

AIDA, Easy + Nice compilation Vol​.​1

Easy + Nice Label

Digital Album ¥1,000

❑ Jacket Design: Masashi Ximoto

Compilation Album

Easy + Nice Special EP 008

Easy + Nice Label

Digital Album ¥700

Compilation Album

Warmwald & Kaltwald

Non-REM Records

Conpact Disc ¥3,500

❑ Movies: Warmwald | Kaltwald

Compilation Album

temporarily closed vol​​.​​1

temporarily closed / stuk Label

Limited Edition Cassette ¥1,000

❑ Artwork: rahema z alam

❑ Mastering: mad flux mastering